Solar Lights Beat Halogen, Incandescent, and Compact Florescent Bulbs

The burnt out bulb used to be a simple problem.  A yard light would go out and you would just replace it with a bulb of the same size.  Now you have to consider not only what size bulb you need as a replacement, but what kind of bulb to buy.  Do you put in an incandescent bulb?  What would a halogen light do?  Can a compact florescent bulb survive the outdoors?

Solar lights present the best possible answer to all of these questions.  When you make the switch to sun powered lights, you get an environmentally friendly solution to your lighting need that doesn’t carry all the dangers and environmental concerns of traditional bulbs.  You can illuminate your home and your yard with confidence and in comfort.

It can be quite a mental relief to make the move to solar lighting.  You already know that incandescent bulbs aren’t the best choice for the environment.  They are even being outlawed in some areas of the world.  This forces those with fixtures for incandescent bulbs to both worry that they may be fined and fret over their environmental impact.

Using halogen lights is no better.  While sun powered solar lights are a safe lighting solution, halogen lights are known to cause fires.  Install one incorrectly or too close to a flammable object – such as your house – and you can find yourself frantically trying to put out the flames.

Think you’ll find a solution in compact florescent bulbs?  Think again!  While solar lighting is quite safe if the mechanism should break for any reason, compact florescent bulbs contain mercury.  Breaking one results in a toxic environmental hazard, and according to America’s National Public Radio, the only response from most government agencies promoting compact florescent bulbs as a an environmentally friendly lighting solution is an encouragement for citizens to take the bulbs to hazardous waste disposal sites.

Who needs all that stress over their carbon footprint, a fire hazard, or the potential to let loose a neurotoxin in their personal space?  You certainly don’t, and neither does anyone else.  This is why solar lights are quickly becoming recognized as the smart choice for affordable quality lighting, and environmental safety.


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