Emerging Nations Spend Wisely For Solar Lights

According to the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change, 25% of the world’s population gets its light from directly burning fuel.  Small fires dot the landscape of emerging nations, andcandlesflicker in the wind as children try to study after the sun goes down. To support cooking, interior light, and reading light, the BBC states that some families are spending as much as 10 – 15% of their total income just on fuel.

Sun powered lights are a much more cost effective way to provide consistent lighting for interior illumination, safety and reading.  The BBC notes that while some people choose to believe that solar lights are too expensive for poor families, solar lighting can actually represent a substantial cost savings over the course of a year compared with traditional electric grid lighting.

For this reason – hard math – many emerging nations are rethinking their energy policies.  While in the past they may have provided subsidies to lower the prices of candles or kerosene lighting, now they are channeling energy and funding into solar lights.  From solar panels to provide public lighting for street markets inIndiato individual accent solars for lighting for rural families inAfrica, solar power is making an impression.

The money spent on solar lights isn’t immediate burned up in the next day’s cooking fire or melted away when the candlewick is done.  It doesn’t flicker in and out when appliances around the neighborhood are turned on or off.  Instead, sun powered lighting is a steady and continual presence in the homes and lives of those who chose to make the switch.

As a result, top-down policies from government energy policy makers are meeting grounds well of demand from those who have discovered the difference that solar lighting can make in their overall budgets.  The government groups who are switching from traditional power subsidies to sun powered solar lighting subsidies are finding their measures quite well received.

After all, while burning fuels for light may be tradition, finding ways to save money is an even stronger tradition.  As the world’s emerging nations look for new ways to improve the quality of life for their citizens, spending wisely on solar energy is a winning proposition all around.


Battle Back Against Bad Weather With Solar

Electricity is something most people take for granted. Flip a switch and the lights come on. Open the refrigerator door and the food inside will be properly chilled and ready for consumption. What happens when the power goes down and there’s no estimate in sight for restoration? Solar lighting products can deliver the peace of mind required in both big and little ways.

In areas all over the world where the reliability of electrical comes into question because of storms, infrastructure problems and other concerns, solar lights are often used to compensate. These products provide a reliable alternative to putrid, noisy generators when the power goes down.

Homeowners can make sure their lights stay on when others go out by using a combination of two distinct approaches. First, they can install backup solar lighting systems to draw power for storage in batteries. When the power goes down, the solar charged batteries can be used to operate major systems including lighting, refrigeration, hot water heaters and more. In emergency situations, such as storm-caused power outs, they can replace the need for a generator entirely.

The other possibility is to install solar lighting products outside the home. Solar lamp post lights, solar security lights and other similar designs can provide illumination all the time and can really come in handy when grid power goes down.

When both approaches combine, homeowners can rest assured they will have lighting available when they need it the most. Sun powered solar lighting options provide peace of mind during emergencies and also offer an alternative to overuse of the electrical grid for everyday lighting needs. It is possible to battle back against bad weather with solar powered lighting.

Warm Your Holidays With Solar Lighting Products

No matter what climate you live in, when the holidays come around you need to find a good way to set the right mood.  You want your home to be perceived as a warm and welcoming place.  Setting yourself up with an array of solar lighting products will help you create that ideal festive mood while not breaking the bank or harming the environment.  Solar lights will give you the flexibility, versatility, and affordability that you need for just about any occasion.

Inside your home, solar accent lights come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to quickly and easily light up for the holidays while working with just one set of lights.  This versatility is perfect if you need to decorate for multiple holiday celebrations in a short period of time, or if you need to quickly ramp up or tone down your decor depending on who is coming to visit.  Solar accent lighting can run for hours on a single charge, letting you set it and forget it before your big entertaining events.  Imagine not needing to check the bulbs on strings of lights or constantly monitor candles at your next party – it is possible to just enjoy your guests when you have solar lights!

Also, when it comes to flexibility, in reality is difficult to top solar lighting products.  Since they don’t require you to re-wire your home electrical system or bury cables in your yard and garden, you can put them wherever you need an extra glow.  Solar post lighting and solar garden lights can be placed in a line or any pattern you like, letting you make holiday shapes in your front yard without needing to string enough electrical wire to black out the neighborhood.  As they turn on automatically when the sun sets, you don’t even have to be home to light up for the season.

Most importantly, sun powered lighting lets you dress up your home for the holidays without eating up all your holiday funds.  Solar lights are very affordable, and they save you from that holiday season electric bill spike that so many people suffer from.  You can use your accent solars’ year after year and even when it’s not a holiday, so the lights quickly pay for themselves while consistently providing you with the light you want.

No matter where in the world you live, solar lights can make your holidays easier and more festive.  You will be in total control of your holiday mood lighting.  With an environment filled with the warm glow of solar lighting products, it will be a very happy set of holidays indeed!

Garden Lighting With Solar Style

A beautiful garden isn’t just about the plants – it’s also about the lights.  The way that you choose to accent your garden can transform how it looks both during the day and at night.  With solar garden lights, you have the option to highlight the best areas of your garden without needing to string electrical wires or bury electrical cables.  This keeps your garden intact while still showing it off to your advantage.

Of course, solar accent lighting for the garden isn’t just about showing off to your friends and neighbors.  Solar lighting in your garden also serves a number of practical purposes for you.  It enhances your own view of your garden, makes your garden feel welcoming and safe after dark, and encourages trespassers of both the four and two legged kind to stay away.

Solar accent lighting makes it easy to view your garden around the clock.  If you wake up before the sun, you can see your night blossoms as you get ready for your day.  If you come home after dark, you can still enjoy the beauty of your garden with automatic solar lights that have your garden glowing for you when you come home.

If you have a larger garden, solar accent lights can make your garden feel more welcoming in the evening and nighttime hours.  Trellis areas, hedges, and archways can be charming, as can unique footpaths and cobbled lanes.  However, at dusk and after dark, having some strategically placed solar lamp post lighting or solar garden accent lights will ensure you walk in perfect comfort through all your garden’s twists and turns.

Your solar lights will also ensure that you are strolling alone.  Many nocturnal garden roamers prefer to visit your flowers and vegetables in the dark, where they can munch through your best lettuces or swipe your prize tomatoes for their soup without being caught.  Putting solar lights out amongst your plants ensures that neighbors with sticky fingers and bunnies with big appetites think twice about wandering into your garden.

With all these practical uses, it can be easy to forget that garden solar lights really do transform the look of your garden, too.  As you protect your plants, your sense of comfort, and your view, you can also enjoy the special way that solar lights showcase what you’ve planted and grown.  Solar lighting puts the final touch on your ideal garden, bringing it up to a finished and polished level visually even as it provides years of functional value in style.

Solar Lights Always Survive Summer Brownouts

Solar lights are sometimes the only lights twinkling your neighborhood on a summer evening. Though no one really likes to talk about it, the local power supply isn’t as reliable as it used to be. The local electric grids are overloaded with all of the new appliances and gadgets that everyone is plugging into them these days, and let’s face it, those wires aren’t getting any younger!

As a result, solar lights and solar lighting solutions are becoming more attractive. The old electrical infrastructures that are supposed to be providing power to your neighborhood simply aren’t up to the task. Blackouts happen more often than they used to now, but blackouts aren’t the worst problem. Brownouts are actually much more of a problem, since they can harm your regular lighting systems as the power dims and brightens.

Only sun powered lights can survive that kind of on-again, off-again power surging. And solar lighting systems are really cheating, since they’ve gotten off the main electric grid altogether. Solar powered lights never get blown out when the power surges and they never die a slow death of power starvation when the local power wires just don’t send through enough juice.

The hot summer months really bring the problem to the forefront. With all of the air conditioning systems kicking on across the neighborhood, warm afternoons can make entire subdivisions brownout while people try to stop themselves from sweating to death. Sadly, instead of getting a solid stream of cold air, you see people fighting with overloaded circuits, blown porch lights, and fried systems that can make the nighttime hours dark until an electrical repair person can come in the morning.

Why put up with all of the drama from the local power grid? You don’t have to drive up to a dark house full of dead electric lights at night. Instead, you can use your solar lights to keep your yard lights and house lights twinkling away no matter what the local power lines are doing.