Battle Back Against Bad Weather With Solar

Electricity is something most people take for granted. Flip a switch and the lights come on. Open the refrigerator door and the food inside will be properly chilled and ready for consumption. What happens when the power goes down and there’s no estimate in sight for restoration? Solar lighting products can deliver the peace of mind required in both big and little ways.

In areas all over the world where the reliability of electrical comes into question because of storms, infrastructure problems and other concerns, solar lights are often used to compensate. These products provide a reliable alternative to putrid, noisy generators when the power goes down.

Homeowners can make sure their lights stay on when others go out by using a combination of two distinct approaches. First, they can install backup solar lighting systems to draw power for storage in batteries. When the power goes down, the solar charged batteries can be used to operate major systems including lighting, refrigeration, hot water heaters and more. In emergency situations, such as storm-caused power outs, they can replace the need for a generator entirely.

The other possibility is to install solar lighting products outside the home. Solar lamp post lights, solar security lights and other similar designs can provide illumination all the time and can really come in handy when grid power goes down.

When both approaches combine, homeowners can rest assured they will have lighting available when they need it the most. Sun powered solar lighting options provide peace of mind during emergencies and also offer an alternative to overuse of the electrical grid for everyday lighting needs. It is possible to battle back against bad weather with solar powered lighting.


Solar Lights Always Survive Summer Brownouts

Solar lights are sometimes the only lights twinkling your neighborhood on a summer evening. Though no one really likes to talk about it, the local power supply isn’t as reliable as it used to be. The local electric grids are overloaded with all of the new appliances and gadgets that everyone is plugging into them these days, and let’s face it, those wires aren’t getting any younger!

As a result, solar lights and solar lighting solutions are becoming more attractive. The old electrical infrastructures that are supposed to be providing power to your neighborhood simply aren’t up to the task. Blackouts happen more often than they used to now, but blackouts aren’t the worst problem. Brownouts are actually much more of a problem, since they can harm your regular lighting systems as the power dims and brightens.

Only sun powered lights can survive that kind of on-again, off-again power surging. And solar lighting systems are really cheating, since they’ve gotten off the main electric grid altogether. Solar powered lights never get blown out when the power surges and they never die a slow death of power starvation when the local power wires just don’t send through enough juice.

The hot summer months really bring the problem to the forefront. With all of the air conditioning systems kicking on across the neighborhood, warm afternoons can make entire subdivisions brownout while people try to stop themselves from sweating to death. Sadly, instead of getting a solid stream of cold air, you see people fighting with overloaded circuits, blown porch lights, and fried systems that can make the nighttime hours dark until an electrical repair person can come in the morning.

Why put up with all of the drama from the local power grid? You don’t have to drive up to a dark house full of dead electric lights at night. Instead, you can use your solar lights to keep your yard lights and house lights twinkling away no matter what the local power lines are doing.